Discover the world of IKEA products with us at Kids Living! We're excited to bring you a wide range of authentic IKEA items, even though they are parallel imported. Rest assured, the quality and genuineness of our products remain intact. However, it's important to note that these products have been sourced without the official approval or license of Inter IKEA Systems B.V., the registered owner of IKEA. As a result, Inter IKEA Systems B.V. does not provide any guarantee or warranty for these goods. Nevertheless, we've got you covered with our reliable Kids Living returns policy that applies to all purchases from our store.

Since we are not officially linked to IKEA, we cannot make use of their website photographs. We have removed these from our website and will be loading others over time. Thank you for your understanding. 

Currently, there is no official franchisor or licensed supplier of IKEA in South Africa. It seems that IKEA does not have immediate plans to enter the South African market.

As passionate fans of IKEA products, we personally visit IKEA stores to purchase items at regular retail prices. In addition to the standard retail price, we incur various additional costs, including shipping, insurance, clearing costs, South African customs duties (ranging from 20% to 40% depending on the item), South African customs VAT, costs associated with purchasing from the IKEA store and packing the container, as well as bank forex commissions and charges. Naturally, we need to add a small margin to cover these expenses.


If you have any lingering uncertainties or require further clarification regarding our non-official affiliation with IKEA, we encourage you to reach out to us via email at We are more than happy to engage in a conversation with you.